Skeptical Irony

Being told GM food needs more testing by people who jump at the chance to eat the latest rare “miracle” fruit no one has ever heard of.

Being told “do your research” by people who dismiss and deny the findings of the world’s leading researchers.

Being called closed-minded by people who proudly declare they will never change their own views no matter what.

When psychics who claim an intuitive ability to communicate with the spirit world struggle to distinguish between “an M or J sounding name,” and need your help.

When people try to prove they aren’t conspiracy mongers by saying that the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the government to discredit them and hide the truth.

When someone lectures you on the dangers of putting toxins in your body from behind a cloud of marijuana smoke.

Being told GMOs need more testing by people who admit they will never accept GMO crops no matter how many tests are done.

Being lectured on the merits of detoxifying my body by people who think their rectum is a good place to put coffee.

When conspiracy groups who wield enough power to kill anyone and cover up everything can’t manage to take down a youtube video.

When anti-GMO activists who demand the “right to know” turn out to be among the least informed.

Being told we “can’t know the mind of God” by people who say he wants me to cut off the tip of my penis.

When aliens evade radar and erase memories to avoid detection and then make huge conspicuous circles in our crops and dump mutilated cattle on the side of the road.

Being told we don’t need to pay attention to science by people who make every effort to impersonate it, speak its language, and steal its legitimacy.


12 thoughts on “Skeptical Irony

  1. People who don’t vaccinate their kids because of the scary “toxins” like mercury, who are covered in tattoos and smoking a cigarette as they lecture you. If you’re not familiar with tattoo pigment, mercury is sometimes used in red, some yellows contain lead, etc.

  2. People who claim to be sceptics and then go on to deny race and sex differences in intelligence.

    1. People who try to sound highly educated and intelligent in their critique of skeptics while misspelling the word “skeptic”…

  3. Being told to worry about Fukushima radiation in my fish by someone who is not concerned with the far larger amounts naturally occurring isotopes in the same fish.

    Being told that psychics dont win the lottery because “they are not interested in money”, by someone who paid 80 dollars for a 20 minute phone call.

    Being told that psychics can read my mind only after I believe before hand that they can read my mind.

  4. It’s like rain on your wedding day (if you are a psychic)
    It’s a free ride (in a perpetual motion machine) when you’ve already paid ( the energy costs)
    It’s the good advice that you (like vaccinating your children) just didn’t take ( before a pox outbreak)
    Who would’ve thought… it figures

  5. Creationists say tens of thousands of scientists are lying about the facts to make evolution look like a real thing. But, gaps in our understanding of evolutionary processes regularly get called out in science news and in journal articles. And where noted by creationists those gaps are just offered up as proof that we are being lied to by ‘evolutionists’.

  6. People who deny science based on peer reviewed research while believing conspiracy theories based on blog posts…

  7. Reblogged this on Whisky Sage Music and commented:
    When people tell you the species of wood affects a guitar’s tone, then backpedal and say tone comes from your fingers when countered with facts.

    Being told a “real” guitar is made in a specific country or from a certain year, then being told a Squier Classic Vibe is the greatest guitar ever.

    Being fed bullshit about resin crystals, resonance, and vibrations like a guitar is a fucking crystal ball.

  8. Being told I’m being rude and/or intolerant when I refute the assertion that I’m going to spend eternity in Hell because I don’t believe in the God that the offended party believes in

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