Land of Plenty

Hello IFHP-ers,

I’m going off topic here but although having 100K+ followers means probability dictates that some of you will take umbrage at that, we’re confident that some others, especially our old-timers, should find it entertaining to watch the frivolous music video the UK admin has just released with producer WARSNARE. He produced the track, she wrote the song and is the girl wearing the bin-bag dress in the video, which was shot last November. (NB. “Bin bag” means “trash-can liner” in England.)

It is featured in DJMag!

And Steven Pinker likes it…

 Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 16.11.13

We would be *really* grateful if you felt like sharing – it’s an independent release so every share counts. Help us launch a skeptic infiltration of the world of pop music! (I promise to bang on about critical thinking and science in all my interviews if I ever get famous…lol) Some of you have contacted us recommending that we ask for donations to keep our page running. We aren’t going down that route…but sharing costs nothing and we’d love you to help us out like that instead.

It’s from a two-track EP, which can be downloaded from iTunes, 7Digital, Google Play and Amazon.

Here’s the other track:

And here’s the full-length version of the title track:

And if you’re interested, here are some behind-the-scenes stills!

Thank you!


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