10 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hey… you should edit this. I love having your material to reference in friendly debates,but it doesn’t do me any good when my opponent dismisses your info because there’s no “About me” section, explaining your education, profession, etc. 🙂 thanks

  2. Another thing…. people in public health keep on talking about “Systems Thinking.”

    Systems thinking refers to ways to understand the complex systems that we live in. When I meet systems thinking people they seem to take empiricism with a grain of salt.

    Is science just a way for us to focus on symptomatic problems?

    Could it be possible that things we can’t investigate thoroughly through science have more leverage for improving the human condition than things we can use scientific process to elucidate?

    To me Systems Thinking represents a rejection of brainless empiricism. A realization that we can leverage change through interventions only vaguely understand.

    Is brainless science a bigger problem that pseudoscience?


  3. Hi – love reading your news feed on Facebook. Wanted to know if this is the appropriate place to ask your views on a topic:- Paramahamsa Tewari and his Space Powered Generator.

    Many thanks

  4. Hello purveyors of truth and haters of pseudoscience. I’m very impressed by the depth of the page and the amount of content overall. I am a neuroscientist and run a site called Science Is Sexy (scienceissexy.com), and our most recent article criticizes those who spread pseudoscience. It received +2000 Fb shares in just a few days. I would sincerely appreciate it if you shared it on your Facebook site. I will return the favor by sharing something of yours in the near future. My Facebook page, Science is Sexy, does not have the following you have, but we have 10,000 and they are a pretty active community. I would have emailed you directly but I saw no contact information. Please feel free to delete this comment once received. I’m following your blog so I’ll be in touch! -Bobby

  5. I was wondering if you have an article about acidity and alkalinity in the human body? I recall reading a great debunking of treating acidity to cure ailments and I thought it may have been one of your posts, but I can’t find it. A friend of mine is currently spending $600 a month on natural treatments and I’d like to refresh myself on the science against it.

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